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Take the HireKeep analysis to help you find the job that best matches you

We analyze your answers to create your unique Candidate Match Profile based on your personality, values, goals, skill-set, and various other factors.

Our matching algorithm helps you find the job and get hired at the company where you will be most successful

As soon as your account is created our algorithm quickly matches you with specific positions at high-growth companies based on your Candidate Match Profile. Read about the company, compensation, and check out company photos to help you decide to accept or reject the match.

HireKeep's goal is to make finding a job as a quick as possible. 90% of candidates who accept a match receive an interview

If you accept the match, we automatically schedule you an interview with the company. If you're not feeling it, no worries. We'll keep the matches coming.

Our process for finding you a job is super quick!

You go to the interview, kill it, and get hired. Everybody wins.

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Sean Mitchell - VideoBlocks Sales Development Rep.
Sean Mitchell - VideoBlocks Sales Development Rep.
"Looking for a new job is almost always stressful, but with HireKeep the entire process is made easy. They quickly found me positions based on what was important to me and assisted me through the entire process, from the first interview to signing on with the company within a month."
Tyler Hagan - SaaS Sales Professional
Tyler Hagan - SaaS Sales Professional
"HireKeep's sales matching process is insanely fast and seamless. After I completed my skill-set profile and took their analysis, I was instantly matched to a company in the digital media space that fit exactly what I was looking for. HireKeep is changing the game when it comes to sales hiring."
Cassandra Pernia - Sr. Manager
Cassandra Pernia - Sr. Manager
"HireKeep’s approach of finding you the right culture and people to work with is innovative and it works! The experience itself was seamless and fast paced, after answering behavior and preference based questions, they had connected me with a company they saw matched my values, vision and passions."
Nadia Appelbaum - Account Executive at PEX Card
Nadia Appelbaum - Account Executive at PEX Card
"HireKeep was not only quick but it was very easy to get matched up with top companies in NYC.  It took one full day to set up an interview. The process was smooth and I was given an offer immediately which I accepted! Highly recommended!"

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