Our goal is to match you with positions at companies where you have the greatest culture fit, potential for success, and job satisfaction.

Sign up for HireKeep using your LinkedIn account and take our Candidate Analysis. We use your answers to create a Candidate Match Profile based on your personality, values, goals, and skill-set.

Our predictive algorithm matches you with positions at companies that fit you best. If you accept a match, we automatically set up an interview.

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Finding a job can be tough enough already, our goal is to make it as simple and easy for you as possible.

What makes HireKeep different is that we’re crazy about culture fit and candidate experience.

We know that finding a job where you look forward to waking up in the morning and get along with your co-workers is just as important as finding a job that fits your skills. We also know how much the job search sucks.

We try to make it as easy as possible for you. You only fill out one application to start receiving matches with awesome companies. Companies can’t see your profile until you accept the match, putting you in control of your privacy.

We know how busy you are so we made our matching process as quick and straightforward as possible.

Creating an account and taking the Candidate Analysis takes less than 30 minutes. From there, just sit back and relax while our algorithm matches you with the jobs that fit you best.

A match means our algorithm predicts that you will be a great culture fit and have a high potential for success at an active position with one of our client companies.

You will receive a Company Match Profile which contains: a written summary of the company and position, links to information about the company, and Glassdoor reviews.

After you read the Company Match Profile, accept the match by answering why you’re interested in the opportunity and how you believe your experience aligns with the position.

After you accept a match, we send the hiring manager your completed Candidate Match Profile and automatically schedule an interview pending their availability.

Once the interview is scheduled, you will receive a calendar invite directly to your inbox!

We believe completing your unique Candidate Match Profile for each company allows the hiring manager to have greater insight on why you specifically are a great fit for their company.

This information leads to a better interview and a higher chance of you being hired!

No chance! Your Candidate Profile is completely private. Companies can only see your profile once you have accepted a match with them.

Yes! Once you accept a match we automatically schedule an interview with the company, but we will keep sending you matches in the meantime.

Accepting the match ASAP drastically increases your chances of getting the job!

Because we continue to send you new company matches, you should move forward with your current matches as soon as possible.

This way you don’t miss out on any opportunities that could be the perfect fit for you.

We specialize in matching candidates with Sales and Account Management positions at high growth companies. We match everyone from entry-level to C-level candidates.

Although our focus is on sales at this time, our goal is to expand to all job markets in the future.

We match candidates to jobs across the United States. Our largest markets are in New York City, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, and Washington, D.C. (where we call home!). We also have client companies in Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Denver, and Boston.

If you don’t live in any of these areas but are looking for a change of scenery, sign up and indicate that you’re open for relocation! Not looking to relocate? Don’t worry, we plan to expand across the United States and internationally in the future.

We only send matches that are guaranteed to fit your unique skill-set and personality. If you signed up but haven't received a match yet, that means we currently don't have any active positions that match up to you.

But no worries, we're constantly activating new positions and we'll deliver a match to your inbox as soon as it's generated.


HireKeep matches candidates with active positions at your company based on their potential for success and culture fit, the two factors which best predict job satisfaction.

Unlike other hiring services, every candidate that you see is guaranteed to be a great fit for your company and has already accepted the match.

There are two key differences between HireKeep and a traditional recruiter.

The first difference is our matching engine. The candidates we match with your company not only meet and exceed the skill requirements for the position, they are also a great fit with your company culture.

The second difference is the candidate experience. 99% of our candidates are inbound and we are transparent about the companies we work with from the beginning of the matching process.

Start by completing the application on our employer page. A member of our Strategic Partnership team will reach out to discuss your company’s hiring needs, current recruitment strategy, and company culture.

Get matched and interview with as many candidates as you want, free of charge. Choose the pricing model that best suits you once you make your first hire.

A Company Match Profile is a detailed description of your company and the specific position the candidate has matched with.

It contains information typically found in a job description such as a company bio and the responsibilities and requirements of the position, as well as press mentions, employee reviews, and photos published on your company social media accounts.

HireKeep is currently focused on matching people in revenue generating roles.

Candidates who are attracted to HireKeep take finding a job with great culture fit very seriously. Culture fit is the top consideration of many Millennials when choosing a job.

We match entry-level candidates up to C-Level candidates. We plan to expand into different industries and positions as HireKeep continues to scale.

We take candidate privacy very seriously. You will only be able to view a candidate’s Match Profile once they have accepted the match with your company and completed their profile by answering questions specific to the match.

To accept a match, a candidate must first read the Company Match Profile and answer questions specific to the role. These answers ensure candidate engagement and a better interview experience.

We offer automatic interview scheduling based on mutual availability of the candidate and hiring manager.

We are proud to say that over 90% of the candidates that were hired through HireKeep are still happily employed at the company they were matched with since we were founded in March 2015.